Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Vinyl Collared Workers UNITE!

[Vintage peacoat, Vintage flannel, Vintage denim western skirt, Vintage pleated schoolgirl skirt (underneath), Norwegian Wood collars (x2), Nike Sky High x Liberty Dunks, Japanese lightning ghost tabi socks, Paul Smith shearling mittens, Beacons Closet sunglasses]

Wax and I shot this in Fort Greene Park, last year in the fall, evidence of the hurricane still very present. I edited the photos to seem more like they're from the 70's where Angie of Norwegian Wood got her inspiration for the Fall collection from.  Vinyl sofa covers YES!

I had been dreaming of wearing Norwegian Wood for a lonnnnnng time and when I saw she had created the ideal, accessible accessory I went IN! The vinyl collar is the perfect combination of OTT almost Baroque trim and futuristic clear vinyl. What's more, Angie sent me two for even more layering potentialz! FTW!

Thanks Angie for the extra collar <3. Interview to come next week!


Mari said...

First,I thought this is upstate somewhere you have been few weeks ago, and I thought you need tights or leg gins! But your were neighbor park.Love your trimmed collar (layered?wow!)and blue short skirt that shows your knees!

Mat said...

flipping great coat, legs for the ladies!

Syed said...

The shape of that coat is amazing, and I love it against the trim of that collar! Haha and wish I had legs like yours.

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