Monday, 28 January 2013

Dream Stratagem

Hello Beautiful!

My dear and talented friend Amber Doe has been invited by the Arteles Creative Centre to be part of its March residency program! 2013 is definitely going to be her year to shine (or at least everyone else to see her bright star). I have known Amber for most of my New York life, meeting her just over four years ago. Amber has been an integral part in forming the way I see the world and how I react towards it. She's an incredibly talented artist who explores many issues I believe important to help evolve human thought: "gender, religion, identity, home, mysticism and the natural world."

Please check out her Indiegogo video and campaign, and have a listen to the Spotify playlist I made for her. Expect exciting things :)




Amber said...

Thank you my love. I am so honored to be featured on your eloquent and vivacious blog. Just so honored.

Amber said...

thank you for including me in a post on your wonderful blog. i am so honored.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry that this will mean that Amber will not come to Hong Kong in March. I was looking forward to her visit.


Syed said...

Oh wow, how exciting :) And the playlist was something entirely new for me, I liked it.

Mari said...

Love Amber's art. Her soul is there.Too bad she will not come to Japan.

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